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  • Happy to have you here! Please excuse me for the last days of inactivity, i had to take some time off.

    • Apply for Prometheus Methods here
    • Please find below the status of our programs
      • [PRIVATE] Wezen 6.6c (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds) X Outdated Being updated.
      • [PRIVATE] Akamar 5.9 (Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Steel Wave) ✓ --- --
      • [PUBLIC] Alphecca 5.5 (Apex Legends) X Detected Being updated.
    • Importants informations
      • PayPal payments are currently available with a reseller. Please join this discord.
      • Having multiple accounts here on the forum is NOT allowed and will get you banned
      • Please renew your licenses instead of buying new ones

    If you need help using any of our software, please read the official FAQ and also make sure to use the search bar above. Your issue is likely to have already been answered and solved.
hello paris I bought a 7-day wezen. But I can't use I didn't know if there had to be verification. Can you help 3 days lost. I sent you the verification documents
i Have Sent you a Discord Request for Verification ABD-KIX#3797
is akmar always going to be private or only while its in testing?
We might release a public version in the future.
hey buddy its seems that i have not been on this website so can u please explain what the actual fuck is the price for 1 day worth of cheats?
if the price is high it's because it is not available. only 'reasonable' prices are available, as i can't disable a plan.