IMPORTANT Everything you need to know about ID Verification process

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Jan 1, 1970
Here is everything you have to know about ID Verifiation process
  • What are the advantages of being verified?
    • Access to private products
    • You are part of our community on our private discord
    • You have access to private support and private giveaways
  • Why this process?
    • Anti-cheat companies spies providers and uses reverse engineering techniques to patch/detect their programs. The best way to avoid that is to keep the cheat private so they can't access it.
  • How it works?
    • You provide us some documents, proving that you are not a spy and the only thing you want is to safely use our programs
  • Is it secure?
    • Yes it is! Your documents will be immediately removed from our server once we answered your application
    • Please do NOT use any third-party website such as noelshark (we are not responsible!)
    • Your informations are fully confidential, we will never use or share them
  • How much time the process takes?
    • The process itself is very fast, we are usually replying within 12 hours.
  • How to know if an user is verified?
    • Verified users have a special role 'Verified'
  • How to proceed?
    • Please contact me on discord (Paris#8266 -> send a friend request)
    • Send required documents, and tell me when you are ready for a video call (you can use a webcam or your smartphone)
    • I will ask you a few questions, also keep your documents at hand
  • Which documents do i need to provide?
    • 1 selfie photo of your face, holding a piece of paper (write your forum username on it) AND your ID
    • 2 photos of your ID (both sides)
    • ID can be any official or government issused document (passport, driver license, etc)
    • Please do NOT edit theses documents, otherwise your application will simply be rejected
  • What if i were already verified in the past?
    • If you had the old Verified role by sending documents, you don't need to send them back.
    • But you still need to do the video call with an admin
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