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    Wezen (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds X DOWN (being tested) More informations soon.

    Akamar 4.7b (Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge) ✓ Working and undetected The overlay has been totally removed in this 4.7 update, caveira ESP is now available, with a new aimbot based off memory. Soon we will add smoothing and outline ESP (which will be combinable with caveira ESP).

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Wezen is a highly advanced program for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

Available on Windows 10 only, Wezen is continuously updated after each update from developers, in order to stay working and undetected. It is user friendly and does not require any specialized skills! If you need help, please create a thread in the support section, and an admin will reply within 24 hours. If you have any questions regarding our software, feel free to contact us by private messages or use the support section.

Buy it now and start cheating in less than 5 minutes!

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• Click Store, then your licenses, then download.
• Open the launcher with
administrator rights, then press ENTER
• Wait for the launcher to download the loader
• Save the file somewhere on your computer
• Open the loader with
administrator rights and login with your forum credentials
• Press Install button, wait for the process to be done
• Start the game, make sure it is
NOT in fullscreen mode
• Get back to the program (ALT + TAB) and click
Start button
• Wait a few seconds, you are

Available from update 5.0, our sharable radar allows your team mates to cheat without any ban risk. How it works? Wezen will stream your session to the server, which will then dispatch the stream to the connected watchers (up to 4). Players, items and vehicles are displayed onto a mini-map. Use cursor to move/zoom over the it. You can customize it in the 'RADAR' tab.

In order to avoid ban waves, we added a simple tool which detect whenever BE updated their anti-cheat. Wezen will warn you on start-up. In case an update has been detected, please perform an hard reboot and wait for our update. If you ignore the warning, it's at your own risks!

Leave a feedback on our forum & on elitepvpers and get +3 days on your license!

Wezen require an update after EACH update of the game. When a game update is released, please DO NOT create any thread about that. Wezen is usually updated within 12-24 hours. This time can optionally be compensated on your license if you DM me (it is NOT automatic!). Please also note that some features such as recoil reducer, spectator alerts, etc are suceptible to be temporarily unavailable after our update. Theses features will be back online within 12-24 hours maximum. Please DO NOT create any thread about that.

This program is currently working on the following Windows 10 versions:
1809, 1903 and 1909 ONLY
However, we recommend using the latest Windows 10 version.
You can check your current version by running winver.exe from Cortana search bar.

Warning: Overclocked CPUs are NOT supported.

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Windows 10 (1809-1909)
El Profesor
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